Ways to Get Your Business off to a Good Start in 2020

Steven Zenios01/12/20194min
The end of 2019 is just around the corner and before you know it 2020 will be here.

Do not be caught off guard, now is the time to set the wheels in motion for the next business year. It’s not to late to implement the following to ensure you start 2020 with a bang.

Training Budget

For a business to grow and develop you need the same growth and development of staff, this is why high-quality training can help. Keeping your team up to scratch with the latest technology regulatory requirements, changes in products or services and branding to ensure your business runs at top quality.

To provide the training budgeting must be taken into consideration to cover the cost. Each company has individual needs and requirements but on average medium to large-sized companies allocate 2 – 5% of salary budgets to training according to data from eFront. For smaller companies just starting out this figure may seem out of reach however it is wise to consider the cost of training in your budget no matter what size or income. Options such as group training may grant you discounts due to the volume and use in house expert training to share knowledge amongst staff.

Clear Goals

Many set the goal of a successful year however this goal is somewhat vague and lacks any concrete planning. To track your progress and reach your targets it is vital to consider the following aspects when setting goals. Be specific, measure your progress, make sure what you set is achievable and realistic, set an appropriate time frame. In simple terms, you need to ensure you set what you want to achieve, by what point this will be reached and how you will reach it.


In today’s society data is vital and most businesses run on it. Vince Dawkins, president and CEO of Enertia Software, to Innovation Enterprise explains:

“Data must be accurate and clearly structured before you can analyze it effectively. Bad data renders your machine-learning tools and personnel investments useless, and it can ultimately lead to errors that harm your business”.

To ensure your data is high quality instruct your team to follow best practices for data management and if you do not have best practices implement them for 2020. This would include measuring your data quality regularly, cleaning databases and assessing the flow of data and sources.

Take 15 Minutes

To implement and manage the above it is important that you are energised with the right frame of mind to lead your team and business. To get ready for 2020 try waking 15 minutes earlier clearing your head so that you are in the right frame of mind to start the day with objectives clear. With the right mindset, you will be able to handle your daily requirements and any unexpected developments.


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