Brexit effect on Estate Agents working in the EU

Christopher Zenios28/10/20192min
Another postponement for Brexit and still no deal or no deal for the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and MPs do not see eye to eye to attempt to fast-track Brexit deal.

In the latest UK parliament gathering, there were no talks regarding the condition of estate agents working in the EU. There were no mentions either of how Brexit would affect the European Professional Card that estate agents use to get recognition of their qualifications by EU countries. For these individuals based in the UK, it can prove to be challenging when they leave the EU.

From 2016, the European Professional Card has enabled five professions including estate agents, physiotherapists, pharmacists, care nurses and mountain guides to cross the British channel with ease, to live and work in EU countries. This scheme also allows agents to work up to 18 months on contracts in these EU member states.

If Brexit is implemented on October 31st, then the UK will no longer be an EU member and this scheme will be in doubt by estate agents working in the EU.

In the coming days, Boris Johnson will be going over his EU withdrawal plan and a section in regards to professional qualifications, but there are no details about the status of the European Professional Card.

Chief Executive of NAEA Propertymark, Mark Hayward will have hosted 22 property professionals from all over Europe, as the European Association of Real Estate Professionals (CEPI) meets in London.

Hayward expresses:

In the current climate, it is more important than ever that we understand the context of the European markets, and the ongoing legislative issues that will impact property professionals.

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