Blockchain used by Boeing to Sell and Track $1 Billion in Aviation Parts

Christopher Zenios11/03/20203min
Boeing is now collaborating with Multinational Aerospace Conglomerate Honeywell in order to access its GoDirect platform to track and sell airplane parts worth over $1 billion using blockchain technology.

The partnership between the two was revealed in Arizona at the Hyperledger Global Forum 2020. The general manager of Honeywell, Lisa Butters stated that the part has now been uploaded onto the GoDirect Trade marketplace.

Before the partnership, the aviation industry has traditionally relied on paper certificates for each individual part recording information such as their original manufacturer and current safety standards.

The documents would have to be physically moved from location to location which has prevented the market for aviation parts progressing to an online system. Currently, GoDirect Trade has the goal of opening up the aviation part market to digital commerce with Butters estimating that only 3% of the $14 billion market takes place online.

The market for aviation parts is a big industry as part s are usually re-sold four times before being decommissioned. Due to the nature of reselling using a distributed ledger could be able to certify the authenticity of relevant documentation.

Honeywell’s GoDirect platform is based on a customised version of Hyperledger Fabric’s open-source code, the technology was launched two years ago. Butters stated that in the first year $7 million in sales was facilitated by GoDirect with experts predicting that this could triple by the end of the year. Currently, there are roughly 6,500 registered GoDirect users for 2,400 companies.

Lisa Butters addressed criticism of permission ledgers such as HyperLedger Fabric stating:

GoDirect Trade runs on Hyperledger Fabric. If anyone argues about the fact that this is a permission-based network that is supposed to be decentralized then they are killing the dream of enterprise blockchain before it starts. There is no way you will get Fortune 500 companies participating in blockchain networks and sharing data if there are not permissioned around that. You need some constraints for enterprises to operate in.


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