Blockchain Phones – Up and Coming Crypto Handsets

Samuel Oskys31/10/20192min
Recent announcements of blockchain phones have been made by big companies and it appears that the niche market is expanding. But what exactly is a blockchain phone?

Device to device may vary but the overall concept is to incorporate blockchain, crypto, and decentralized applications into the handset. The phone also benefits from enhanced security with some even allowing you to mine crypto from your mobile device.

Big names have now begun to produce these phones with one being the HTC Exodus S1. In terms of models, it’s a low-end handset that does not focus on features such as display and camera. Instead, the phone focuses on security.

Another phone is the Samsung Galaxy 10 that although not launched with bitcoin support, has since had features added. It now provides a cryptocurrency wallet with the ability to wield Ethereum, LEO Token, Chainlink, USD Coin and much more.

One other device is the Sirin Labs Finney that has a unique design. The design is due to the phone being a cold storage wallet with separate hardware from the handset that slides upwards when making transactions. The slide upwards activates the wallet and produces a safe screen making it one of the most unique blockchain phones on the market.

Electroneum M1 is one of the low-end blockchain devices that target audiences in developing countries. The phone comes with a pre-installed Electroneum’s app that accesses ETN’s cloud mining service allowing users to earn $3 worth of the cryptocurrency per month.

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