5 Blockchain Jobs to Watch Out for in 2021

Despite the slowing down of the global economy due to Covid-19 and the lingering effects of the crypto winter of 2018 and 2019, blockchain adoption is accelerating in 2020

Indeed, any sector you look at, there is a startup building a disruptive blockchain solution.

All the blockchain activity going on is creating a demand for various types of talent. And the following five blockchain professionals most needed in 2021:

1.  Developer or engineer

This is the most basic talent that a blockchain startup or company needs. Given that the blockchain architecture is relatively new, there aren’t many people who know how to build blockchain applications. This means startups and companies have to fight over the few that exist. If you manage to acquire the necessary skills in this area, you stand to have a high talent value in the labor marketplace.

2.  Application architects and designers

Before a blockchain platform or application is built, it needs to be designed to meet the specific needs of its users. And that is both in the interface (UI) and experience (UX). Understanding how to create the backend of a blockchain platform, its front end or both, make one a precious talent.

3.  Game theorists

Game theorists can be classified together with designers and architects. However, they are a special class of talent. They understand how to leverage human behavior using reward and punishment to make a system function in a particular way. Indeed, their services become critical when building permissionless platforms, where anyone can anonymously join and act on the platform, thus increasing the risk of destructive adversaries. Indeed, any serious public blockchain project has to seek the input of a competent game theorist.

4.  Legal consultant

Almost every blockchain application being built has to meet some specific legal or regulatory requirements. For example, selling tokens that are created on the blockchain can easily be classified as the sale of securities, depending on how they are designed, which demands the startup behind it making applications to regulators. And that is why any blockchain project needs advice from a legal mind that has a deep understanding of the technology.

5.  Project managers

Like with other types of projects, blockchain projects need someone to oversee how they are implemented. Of course, this individual needs to be skilled as a project manager, but they should also be very conversant with the uniqueness of the technology.

Conclusion: Given that blockchain is a technology that is increasingly being used by various businesses or institutions, the list of blockchain jobs is growing longer each day. This is just the foundational list, in 2021 5 blockchain trends will dominate.


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