Australian Beverage Giant Will be Powered by 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Christopher Zenios29/12/20192min
The Australian beverage giant Lion has recently announced the company’s commitment to power all operations with renewable energy by 2025.

The announcement follows the company’s strategy of becoming Australia’s first large-scale carbon-neutral brewer in 2020. Stuart Irvine, Lion CEO, announced the strategy saying,

Lion is now proudly pulling every carbon abatement lever available.

The company has also specifically stated that it has plans to source all electricity from renewable sources, promoting green energy. It also plans to tackle the remaining organisation footprint so that the company is fully carbon neutral.

To offset the emissions, Lion will collaborate with specialist offset companies. These companies will help Lion create a “portfolio of verified projects focusing on bush regeneration and conservation projects.

The bold statement and goals of the company have sent a strong pro-environment message to consumers, suppliers, and staff. The company has the goal of deepening people’s sense of responsibility for damaging the environment.

Lion reports that public reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Irvine also shared that Lion would take its commitment to climate action to the next level. It will start with some smaller steps in 2020. Lion can be held accountable to “resetting [its] emissions to neutral — and maintaining them at that level.

Lions strategy also includes making all operations run from renewable energy. 300 Lion owned pubs across Australis will be powered by renewable energy.

This is a big step in Australia’s energy system with many hoping that other companies and individuals will follow the example set by Lion and also state long term goals. Recently Australia’s power grid was supplied by 50% renewable energy for the first time.


Image source by Financial Times

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