The 8 Best Energy Stocks of 2019

Christopher Zenios08/01/20205min
Energy, particularly renewable energy has been a hot topic of 2019. Although energy stocks performed poorly this year not all stocks suffered. Here are the 8 best energy stocks of 2019.

8. Total Return 17%

This position belongs to the oilfield service giant Schlumberger. The onshore oilfield services market faced a number of challenges this year, mainly the volatility in oil and gas prices. However, with such a large presence internationally markets finally rebounded helping Schlumberger to return 17%.

7. Total Return 22%

7th position goes to another oilfield giant Baker Hughes. The organisation worked on diversification this year; one example is the liquified natural gas project which is currently a popular market. The company also distanced itself from General Electric which has been selling off its stake in the company making the stock more favourable.

6. Total Return 30%

Valero Energy comes in at number 6. The company has benefited from improvements of the refining market. The demand for high margin lower sulfur fuels has increased following a new global fuel standard for marine vessels that will be implemented on the 1st Jan 2020, this demand has increased prices. It is predicted socks will continue to perform well in 2020.

5. Total Return 33%

In 5th position is Philips 66 who has also benefited from the refining market, the company performed well in the third quarter producing earnings higher than expected. Philips 66 also performed well thanks to an additional boost from its midstream segment thanks to higher pipeline volumes.

4. Total Return 34%

Noble Energy holds 4th place in what was a transitional year. The gas and oil producer’s outputted at the high end of expectations while costs fell. The company also started production at its huge natural gas field offshore of Israel. The project cost $3.6 billion, now completed it is set to drastically increase cash flow with predicts of stock performing very well in years to come.

3. Total Returns 44%

Kinder Morgan comes in at number 3 after its long-awaited bounce back. The company took steps to improve its financial profile and has now reaped the benefits. The company now has more financial flexibility and can create value for shareholders by returning more cash through its programs while also being able to invest in new programs.

2. Total Returns 48%

2nd place goes to ONEOK who focused on expansion this year finishing a number of major projects while making significant progress in others. Due to the expansion and projects with the potential for green energy the company will have no issues delivering its increased goal of high-yielding dividend by 9% to 11% annually through 2021.

1. Total Returns 66%

The energy stock that performed the best in 2019 is Hess through production is legacy regions. The oil and gas company alongside its partners finished construction on the first phase of their Liza project offshore Guyana. The oil field is set to dramatically increase cash flow over the next several years.

2019 has been a big year for energy and 2020 will be even bigger, many wonder what the future of energy holds and what future energy technology will emerge in 2020.



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