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Editorial Team14/06/2019


Founded in 1877 Wimbledon is the oldest tennis championships in the world, it draws thousands of visitors every year and with such a big crowd you need to be prepared for your trip. So many people travel long distances to be apart of the iconic event after traveling so far you don't want to spoil the day by not having the correct things and not being prepared. Here are 7 things you will need for your visit to Wimbledon.

Editorial Team12/06/2019


2017 was the year of the ICO craze. Investors could not believe their eyes on the percentages of returns they would get. Billions of dollars were invested and ICOs would get sold out within seconds. The frenzy begun to die down after thousands of people lost their funds on fraudulent projects. Almost a year later, a new model of crowdfunding surfaced through cryptocurrency exchanges. Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) have drastically reduced the risks for investors while giving them the opportunity to support new projects.

Editorial Team11/06/2019


Are you a High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) and a member of the HNWI club? Are you planning to become one, one day soon? Consider these small facts first. Many sources point out that HNWI are investors with around $1million but more than $100,000 and are considered to be financially comfortable, wealthy or even sub-HNWI. Anyone with a net worth of at least $5million qualifies to be a very HNWI and is considered to be super rich.

Editorial Team11/06/2019


Having or acquiring a second passport is something of great value. For some, it’s something like an insurance policy. Among many things, it can expand your investment horizons and freedom, and in some cases even save a life. In today’s society governments are imposing harsh regulations on their citizens so a second passport or citizenship may be described as citizenship insurance. Let’s explain why.

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