Asia-Pacific’s Ultra-Rich Come from these Top Universities

Christopher Zenios19/08/20191min
It is known that the US produces the main percentage of the wealthiest graduates. However, in recent years beyond the US wealthy graduates Universities around the world are producing multimillionaires at an increasing rate.

Wealthy X conducted the report ranking what Universities across the Asia Pacific produced the UHNWI (those with a net worth of $30 million-plus). The research was conducted by gathering data of UHNWI known to have diplomas including undergraduate and graduate degrees. The overall ranking is founded upon the known UHNWI population from each University.

The top spots were dominated by Indian, Chinese and Singaporean Universities. With Southeast Asian city state’s National University of Singapore reaching first place in Asia (21st globally). Bejing Universities Tsinghua and Peking came in at second and third place.

What is noteworthy is that the number of UHNWI does not reflect the highest level of wealth in Universities. Although Singapore University NUS produces the greatest number of UHNWI the University of Mumbai holds the position of highest estimated wealth at $1 trillion.

The full list of the top 10 Universities are as follows:

1. (21) National University of Singapore (Singapore)
2. (31) Tsinghua University (China)
3. (35) Peking University (China)
4. (36) University of Mumbai (India)
5. (36) University of Delhi (India)
6. (43) University of New South Wales (Australia)
7. (34) University of Sydney (Australia)
8. (46) National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
9. (47) Monash University (Australia)
10. (48) University of Melbourne (Australia)

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