A Recent Report Reveals that Millionaires Invest in these Alternatives

Christopher Zenios30/12/20192min
Millionaires are no strangers to investments with the majority investing in a variety of areas and projects.

However, a recent study conducted across a number of countries has revealed that many millionaires are now investing in alternatives.


Equity investments usually refer to the holding and purchasing of stock on the market and this type of investment accounts for 26% of HNW investments with 9.4% investing directly into equities and the rest in equity funds or ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).


HNW (high net worth) investment portfolios include bonds that account for 20% of the portfolio. The bonds are both government and corporate, including bond ETFs. When researching what country had the most millionaires who invest in bonds it was revealed that all countries in the survey include a similar percentage of bonds in investors portfolios, roughly 20%.


Overall it is revealed that HNW investors hold 18.3% of the wealth in property via direct investment, property funds or investment trusts. When it comes to property, this type of investment saw a lot of variation from country to country. Asia Pacific millionaires held the highest number of property investment at 20.5%, Europe with 17.7% and North America with 13%.


Commodities such as gold have received a lot of attention with figures showing that gold is up 16.2% in 2019, read why gold is the way to go according to Mark Mobius, this is believed to be because investors are looking for stable investments against uncertainty and geopolitical risk. It is believed that commodities account for 12% of millionaire’s portfolios with this varying drastically country to country.

Fine Art

Although it can be difficult to get involved with many millionaires chose to invest as its well worth the effort. According to the Wall Street Journal art was the top-performing asset class of 2018, beating other investment options such as classic cars, gold, and real estate.

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