7 Things you Need for your Trip to The Wimbledon Championships

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Founded in 1877 Wimbledon is the oldest tennis championships in the world, it draws thousands of visitors every year and with such a big crowd you need to be prepared for your trip. So many people travel long distances to be apart of the iconic event after traveling so far you don't want to spoil the day by not having the correct things and not being prepared. Here are 7 things you will need for your visit to Wimbledon.


Don’t be caught out at the ticketing booth, its vital to bring cash to Wimbledon as tickets cannot be paid via card. Also, some food and drink places do not accept card and using cash will be quicker when queuing.

Oyster Card

Stations around the All England Lawn Tennis Club includes Wimbledon, Wimbledon Park and Southfields Tube Stations. A number of buses pass through the area also but please not all transport in London do not accept cash, you will need an Oyster card to pay for transport to get to Wimbledon.

Preparation for British Summer

The British weather is unpredictable with heavy rainfalls some years and scorching hot sun in others. It’s even possible to experience both weather extremes in one day so take appropriate caution for the weather via umbrellas, waterproof jackets, sunscreen and hats.


For those who wish to avoid ques for food the option to bring your own picnic is available, bring your favourite foods and drinks to enjoy at Wimbledon and don’t forget the strawberries and cream.


For some Wimbledon is a once in a lifetime experience so make sure to capture the moment on a camera or camera phone. However, please note that selfie sticks are banned at the tennis club so leave the sticks at home.


Plan for your tickets at Wimbledon is one of the few sporting events to reserve tickets for sale on the same day. If you plan to try and buy a ticket on the day prepare for some long ques, so long in fact that people camp overnight, and Wimbledon have realised “queuing etiquette” information.


Wimbledon is a big space holding 18 championship grass courts. So that you do not miss any matches by getting lost make sure you have a map to navigate the grounds, to avoid printing a map of the official Wimbledon website has a downloadable map for your phone.

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