7 of the World’s Best Boats for Wakeboarding and Water Skiing

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Are you a hard-core sport-specific enthusiast that enjoys to wakeboard or water ski? Well, only top-level wakeboarders and water skiers understand that the boat you use makes a big difference in your experience and this is what makes water sports boats one of the most competitive of any segment in the entire marine industry. Water boats or speed boats as some may call them may be separated into two categories and they are ones for water skiing and one for wakeboarding and wake surfing. So below we will discuss which speed boats are the best in the world and which one suits what sport.

World’s best Speed boats for Water skiing

The MasterCraft ProStar – MasterCraft speed boats are highly ranked in the marine industry and compete in water ski tournaments internationally. Specifically, the ProStar series speed boats are at the top of the game when it comes to water skiing sports.

The ProStar is designed to give the best performance in terms of speed, agility, power output but also luxury. This high-class speed boat has a layout which focuses on the driver of the helm. There are two observer seats and a split bench at the rear including a small swimming platform which is made of teakwood from the late 1960’s MasterCraft. It’s the muscle car of the marine world with more horsepower than anyone thought possible to come out of a small block V8 engine, plus all the technological advances that come today.

The Malibu TXi MO – Malibu has developed a powerhouse called the TXi MO, which is an open-bow tournament inboard with more world records than most speed boats available. A sleek marine machine designed to leave behind flat wakes and a laser-like track.

The interior of the TXi MO is designed for everyday use also, meaning it’s comfortable, the site lines are improved and the dashboard displays are very simple which offer full control and ease of use.

World’s best Speed boats for Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding and Wake surfing is a trend that’s taken the marine industry by storm.

The Tige RZX3 – What better speed boat to enjoy the above sport than the Tige RZX3. It’s a complete eye turner. The cockpit area is nice and comfortable with a seat that flips forward to face the rear and enjoy the company of your friends seated in the back.

When the time comes for the Tige RZX3 to show off its abilities, it’s second to none. The driver will have no problem focusing on his task even though he may be carrying a group of people on board.

The Malibu M235 – Another marine beauty is the Malibu M235. It’s one of the baddest Wakeboarding speed boats out there which boasts the latest on-board technology and the best in design innovations.


This opulent tow boat is capable of carrying more than a handful of people with ease and is designed to satisfy the pros but also very compatible with amateurs.

The Supra SE – This speed boat is a 575hp beast which proves that you don’t need to spend too much money to get the best satisfaction and wakeboarding experience. The Supra SE tow boat is a lot of machine for its price tag and this is the reason it’s in the top speed boats in the world.

A very impressive feature is the AutoWake system that’s fitted on the Supra SE and this feature uses predictive tech to automatically correct and adjust ballast. It also comes with an FXOne power folding tower which provides shade for the forward occupants.

The Tige R20 – This sleek speed boat is the most affordable in the Tige line up. It comes with a set of standard features which please all pilots and wakeboarders. Some features are the Alpha M2 tower the Zero Off cruise control and the Touch 2 display which controls the situation at the back of the tow boat.

Overall, this 20-foot marine speeder offers much in innovation, versatility and high quality.

The Axis Wake A20 –  This value for money speed boat is not one for the latest in tech but it will give all other boats in this list a run for their money.

Some of the Wake A20’s features are the Axis Performance Surf Pack which include the SurfGate, SurfBand for control of the Wedge and adjust the speed. Another feature is the Power Wedge II hydrofoil.

The Wake A20 has all this tech plus more and none of this existed on the market a couple of years back so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a picky chooser.

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