$6 million Home Designed to Withstand Category 4 Hurricanes

Christopher Zenios17/09/20193min
Following hurricane Irma, in 2017 housing startup Arkup announced plans to build a floating home that would withstand category 4 hurricanes, following the announcement it took another 2 years for the development to become a reality.

This year Arkup debuted the floating property at a yacht show in Miami – fitting due to it being one of the most vulnerable areas due to climate change. The cost of the hurricane-proof yacht is just under $6 million; however, this is the price of the first model. Arkup has the goal of developing smaller units with lower costs in the future; units that will also withstand hurricanes like Dorian.

The current model features a solar-powered roof and hydraulic anchoring system that comes at a price paired with a luxurious design that is fitting for living on the water.

The idea of floating homes came from Luguent, as he envisioned it as a way to make communities and properties resilient. He then shared ideas with Nicolas Derouin who shared his vision for renewable energy and passion for the ocean, the pair thus created Arkup in 2016.

Derouin commented

We wanted to provide the next generation of floating homes or houseboats that would be self-sufficient, sustainable, and also mobile.


The pair were inspired by the Netherlands where it is common to live on the water. Following this, they paired up with Netherlands-based architecture firm Waterstudio, which specializes in designing floating homes.


The home is 4,350 square feet with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. The property is mobile thus allowing for owners to drive to new locations.

The property is designed to withstand winds of up to 155mph via hydraulic studs that anchor the yacht. The property is designed to move with the water during storms, however, the studs can help stabilise the property to prevent motion sickness and improve comfort for owners.

Derouin commented “We wanted [residents] to be as safe and comfortable in the house as they would be on land,”

This rings true as another feature that ensures safety for residents is that the yachts jack-up system allows the vessel to be lifted up to 20 feet above the water. This is particularly useful as currently, scientists predict the US will potentially witness a 6-foot rise in sea levels by the end of the century.

If these measures are taken to extend the property, residents can disconnect from sewage pipes due to a built-in system that collects, stores and purifies rainwater. As well as this, the property produces zero emissions and is powered by rooftop solar panels allowing it to be self-sufficient.

Future Developments

This is just the start of what Arkup wish to achieve, the company plans to construct multiple units on the water and is also in talks with private island owners to create floating communities.

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