5 Best Blockchain Companies in 2019

Samuel Oskys10/12/20194min
There’s a large number of blockchain companies around the world that help other organisations and firms develop custom blockchain applications.

The interest in blockchain technology has increased significantly in the last 5 years. Many start-ups today are investing in creating proof of concepts to finalised projects.

The blockchain industry is evolving on a daily basis and so this makes it hard to pick a good blockchain company to help you develop your project or idea into a working blockchain app. So the companies below are a consolidated list of the best blockchain companies in 2019.

1 – Consensys

This blockchain company came to light in 2014 and is based in the U.S. Consensys develops blockchain applications and developer tools in a secure and efficient way.

Till this day, Consensys has supported in the acceleration of blockchain start-ups by investing in many of them. They have also developed many Ethereum solutions and with this knowledge and expertise, they provide these developers with resources and tools.

Additionally, the Consensys team offers a 1 on 1 and online blockchain educational session.

2 – LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is a blockchain technology company that provides end to end blockchain development and professional blockchain advice to many business domains since 2007.

They have actually made a name for themselves by developing customized solutions for their clients. Some consist of smart contracts, Stable Coins, public and private blockchains and dApps to name a few.

This blockchain company helps its clients choose the most appropriate platform for the business. Their choices can be Hyperledger, Ethereum, EOS and more.

3 – Blockchangers

Blockchaingers is a fairly new blockchain company based in Norway. By helping their clients understand and put to good use blockchain technology, they have marked their presence in the blockchain industry. They do this by providing educational lectures regarding blockchain technology. They set up workshops, consulting and development services especially for their clients, in order for them to get a better understanding of the technology.

Blockchangers provide the best solutions and ideas for clients that want to develop their concepts or build dApps.

4 – Blockchain Intelligence Group

Over the years, the Vancouver based blockchain company has established themselves as one of the trusted companies in the industry, and have helped overseas clients with different blockchain-related services.

Their consultation services have helped hundreds of enterprises and start-ups build their applications.

Since there exists a large competition in the field, they tend to deliver the best service at the fastest time.

One of Blockchain Intelligence Group’s objectives is the fast delivery of the best solutions for reducing the risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions.

5 – Altoros

Altoros is one of the early pioneers in the blockchain field. They have been around since 2001 and are based in California, USA.

They allow organisations to adopt new blockchain technology features and scale their business. They focus on helping their clients with consultation and top-quality software development services on an international level.

They evaluate enterprises ideas, design products and deploy them, always providing the best quality for their overseas clients to build the best application.


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